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XM Studios - 1/4 Scale Statue - Cable with Hope (Marvel)

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Product Name:
XM Studios - 1/4 Scale Statue - Cable with Hope (Marvel)
Expected release date is Q1 2022
Launch Date:
Expected release date is Q1 2022
Preorder Open Date:
Nov 12 2021
Preorder Close Date:
Nov 19 2021
SGD 1.750,00

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Product Description

XM Studios is excited to present our next 1:4 MARVEL Premium Collectibles series statue, Cable with Hope.
The X-Men universe has given fans iconic and memorable partnerships, friendships, and dynamics between our mutant heroes. Some tragic, some unlikely, some precious, and some heart-wrenching. Cable and Hope, a protector/guardian/father-daughter relationship well known among X-Men fans, comes to mind. A father-daughter dynamic centered around a major event in the course of the X-Men history, where the hope of mutantkind lies in the fate of a small girl.
This art statue collectible depicts Cable, one of X-Men’s long-standing heroes protecting baby Hope Summers, known as the Mutant Messiah. Hope Summers is the first mutant born after the House of M and Decimation events (where Scarlet Witch uttered the famous line: “no more mutants”, resulting in the mass depowering of close to a million mutants overnight).
With his signature classic costume, short, worn cape flowing, the time-traveling mutant is seen at a ready stance, heavy set of weapons ready. In his left arm, he carries a scared Hope Summers close to him, prepared to defend and protect her from anyone who wishes to bring harm to the Mutant Messiah and by extension, the future of mutantkind.
- 2 headsculpt (1 will be unveiled soon)
- 2 left arm: 1 feature Hope, 1 holding weapon