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UMAN Studio - Cao Cao - Wei (Three Kingdoms)

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Product Name:
UMAN Studio - Cao Cao - Wei (Three Kingdoms)
Expected release date is Q1 2023
Launch Date:
Expected release date is Q1 2023
Preorder Open Date:
Sep 21 2022
Preorder Close Date:
Sep 28 2022
Price (1/4 Scale):
USD 575,00
Price (1/6 Scale):
USD 275,00

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Product Description

Cao Cao courtesy name Mengde, was a Chinese statesman, warlord and poet. He was the penultimate grand chancellor of the Eastern Han dynasty, and he amassed immense power in the dynasty's final years. As one of the central figures of the Three Kingdoms period, Cao Cao laid the foundations for what became the state of Cao Wei, and he was posthumously honoured as "Emperor Wu of Wei", despite the fact that he never officially proclaimed himself Emperor of China or Son of Heaven. Cao Cao remains a controversial historical figure—he is often portrayed as a cruel and merciless tyrant in literature, but he has also been praised as a brilliant ruler, military genius, and great poet possessing unrivalled charisma, who treated his subordinates like family
Product Size : 21 x 18 x 35 cm / 32 x 27 x 52 cm

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