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Tsume Art - 1/6 Scale Statue - Trunk Time Machine (Dragon Ball)

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Product Name:
Tsume Art - 1/6 Scale Statue - Trunk Time Machine (Dragon Ball)
Expected release date is Q1 2024
Launch Date:
Expected release date is Q1 2024
Preorder Open Date:
Apr 27 2022
Preorder Close Date:
May 04 2022
EUR 135,00

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Product Description

Yes! I wrote it just before I left from the future and… You find the exact same thing written on the other capsule!
This HQS Dioramax statue features Future Trunks as he discovers the abandoned time machine on Earth, accompanied by Gohan and Bulma. Returning to the past in order to save Son Goku and avoid a tragic fate for the planet, he compares this strange discovery with his own and unique machine: these are exactly the same! Wearing his Capsule Corporation jacket, Trunks uses his sleeve to clean up the moss that has invaded the abandoned machine, originally yellow and blue. He realizes that under this vegetation, we can read the word "Hope !!", which he had engraved on his machine before traveling in the past ... The doubt is raised! We see in the gaze and attitude of Trunks that he becomes aware of the disaster that the presence of this machine can portend ... Almost completely covered in moss, the status of the machine suggests that it has been here for a long time, or at least enough time for nature to reclaim its rights over its environment. Trunks then noticed the gaping hole in the cockpit in transparent resin, suggesting it had been melted from inside the machine. While trying to decipher this riddle, we find here the two halves of an eggshell, while the on-board computer indicates that the mysterious passenger would have arrived in the timeline of Son Goku and his friends 3 years before Trunks … Could it be that a life form from the future is lurking on Earth without anyone knowing? In order to be able to observe the entire scene, an electric rotating plate has been integrated into the base of the statue (power supply provided). As Son Gohan sees it in the distance, we can make out the shell of a huge insect that would have molted and left the remains of its old life behind ... The hunt for cyborgs is on, Cell’s evolution has begun ...
Scale : 1/6
Product Size : 63 x 73 x 65 cm

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