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Prime 1 Studio - Kong’s Battle Axe (Godzilla vs Kong)

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Product Name:
Prime 1 Studio - Kong’s Battle Axe (Godzilla vs Kong)
Expected release date is Q3 2022
Launch Date:
Expected release date is Q3 2022
Preorder Open Date:
Apr 29 2021
Preorder Close Date:
May 06 2021
USD 990,00

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Product Description

“We’ve got to stop Godzilla. This is our only chance. We have to take it.” – Nathan Lind
Prime 1 Studio is extremely excited to announce an amazing replica from the world of Godzilla vs Kong: Kong’s BATTLE AXE!
Reaching an impressive 36-inches tall, Kong’s Battle Axe was meant to fit in the palms of your hands! Made by Kong’s Hollow Earth civilization-building ancestors, this ancient Battle Axe was formed from the indestructible long bone of a Titan, strips of ancient reptile hide, and most importantly, an Atomic Dorsal Plate from one of Godzilla’s terrifying ancestors!
The skillful sculptors at Prime 1 Studio have replicated Kong’s iconic weapon exactly as it appeared in the movie. Our talented painters have rendered each material in the Battle Axe differently, with multiple layers of paint and weathering to create a realistic-as-possible replica. Not only that, but we’ve also imbued the Atomic Dorsal Plate with LED Illumination to recreate the Battle Axe in its charged-up mode!
Kong’s Battle Axe situates nicely within its Hollow Earth Stalagmite-themed base. Display it proudly in your collector’s cave or wield it to recreate the most exciting scenes from the movie!
[Product Specifications]
・Axe Size approximately 36 inches tall [H:95cm W:49m D:30cm]
・One (1) Hollow Earth Stalagmite-themed base
・LED Illuminated Godzilla Dorsal Plate

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