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Prime 1 Studio - 1/4 Scale Statue - Gimli (LOTR)

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Product Name:
Prime 1 Studio - 1/4 Scale Statue - Gimli (LOTR)
Expected release date is Q2 2023
Launch Date:
Expected release date is Q2 2023
Preorder Open Date:
Feb 08 2022
Preorder Close Date:
Feb 15 2022
Price (Regular):
USD 1.100,00
Price (Bonus):
USD 1.175,00

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Product Description

“Certainty of Death? Small chance of Success? What are we waiting for?”
Prime 1 Studio is incredibly proud to present the magnificent, long-awaited final member of The Three Hunters in the Premium Masterline Series: our 1:4 Scale Gimli Bonus Version from The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers!
Swinging his axe and dealing blow after killing blow to deserving Orcs, Gimli’s pose captures the dynamic action of this battle-hardened Dwarf, bearing down on his enemy with his axe, as accentuated by his flowing ponytail and billowing cloak!
Our talented sculptors and painters at Prime 1 Studio may not be Dwarven Craftsmen, but they have done their absolute best to fill this jaw-dropping statue with all the fantastic detail that this 22-inch-tall Gimli deserves. The main goal with the execution of Gimli’s development was the attention to a realistic and faithful interpretation of his design. From his helmet, the Dwarven scrollwork, the leather texture, and the metal battle damage are all spot-on. Our artisans have managed to replicate the woolen texture of his Elven cloak in resin, no less. Every inch is festooned with filigree, chainmail work, and leather embossing. It is amazing that one can tell what material each of his pieces of clothing is supposed to be made by how our artists have rendered them.
Gimli’s base is complete with a fallen Uruk-hai that he has, no doubt, just slain... Gimli steps on this poor, unfortunate Orc on the way to devastating another monstrous enemy! The base features a craggy, rock outcrop with another Uruk-hai helmet that seems to be perforated with some Elven arrows. And to complete the base, the Dwarven-themed pedestal is decorated with Dwarven runes.
Now that Gimli, son of Gloin, has arrived, it’s your duty to complete The Three Hunters and display them together in your home! Look out, as well, for PMLOTR-03 Aragorn and PMLOTR-05 Legolas statue!
[Product Specifications]
・Statue Size approximately 22 inches tall [H:56cm W:41cm D:45cm]
・Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers-inspired base featuring fallen Uruk-hai
・One (1) Bonus Base Part: Uruk-hai Berserker helmet with The White Hand [BONUS]