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Glitch Sixth Vision - God Complex - Apollo

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Glitch Sixth Vision - God Complex - Apollo
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race: Ruler | region: Hellenic Republic

A member of the twelve Olympians. Son of Zeus, brother of Artemis, and half-brother of Athena. Envisioned to be the one to succeed Zeus, Apollo is given full authority over Argus Height, a section of Olympus Chamber by Zeus. One of the most revered Rulers of the Hellenic people, Apollo has the ability to feel and see as the humans do. He is able to empathize with the humans when most Rulers are blinded by their power and position.

Little did the human realize that His abilities came from Argus’ Eyes. An advanced tech to put surveillance on the humans. A tech born of Hephaestus’ brilliant mind and one that he most regretted to be ever given breath to life. From the moment the humans open their eyelids in the first light until the moment they lay asleep, Apollo has the ability to see through their eyes. Using this sight, he silenced anyone who speaks against the Rulers.

His acts of being an ally to the humans are only a facade. Spending ages to observe them made him grew even more resentful towards them. If there is one thing Apollo is thankful for the humans, is for their natural talent and curiosity to manipulate soundscapes to create harmonious wavelength. They called it “music” and just like any force, it can be used to heal and it can be used to destroy.

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